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The Importance of Choosing Eco-Friendly Hotel Amenities

The demand to go green has increased nowadays and the hotel industry has embraced this trend too. It’s important to first understand what an eco-friendly hotel is. An eco-friendly hotel is a hotel that is run in a manner in which the hotels carbon footprint operations and the carbon footprint of the people within the hotel is minimized. The importance of these eco-friendly amenities is to ensure that there is environmental sustainability. When choosing to buy environmentally sustainable amenity solutions for a hotel, it is important to ensure that you choose trademarks that are reputable and accredited internationally. This is because it guarantees you sustainable sourced ingredients that also guarantee great ecological values. This article aims to look at the need for eco-friendly hotel amenities and the eco-friendly amenities that there are available.

Each and every hotel is embracing this trend as it improves their image and attracts many clients. You will find out that many clients will prefer eco-friendly solutions since they have positive effects to them and the world in general. Hotels should go green since there is less damage to the environment, there are lower costs implicated on the clients since these eco-friendly products are cheaper. There ae several ways in which this can be done which includes;

Sensitizing the hotel staff on the importance of going green this you can do through creating a green team. This way, ensure that all the staff are aware of eco-friendly practices in their work stations, acknowledge their efforts with a stipend just to appreciate them. Ensure that all the guest amenities are green. You can do this through introducing keyless check-in and check-out systems instead of the plastic key cards. This will in a large way save on the paper damage that can be as a result of printing the cards. Another way is the introduction of electric cars. Guests with the hybrid or electric cars can have the electric vehicle charging stations. Many hotels too have scooters and bikes that transport their guests within the hotel. These cars are efficient as they prevent guests from getting in the hotels with their personal cars.

The hotels have also made efforts in making the rooms green. The hotels sensitize on the reusing of towels, ensuring that the AC is turned off whenever it’s not being used and many more. Hotels are now using eco-friendly single-dose containers. These dispensers are 100% filled with natural products of soap, shampoo and shower gels. Some of these dispensers can be charged which is a huge advantage. Hotels have also ensured that there is provision for eco-friendly toiletries. Natural soaps are known to have no harm to people’s skin and can be customized to a client liking
Eco -friendly hotels should ensure that their room amenities such as shampoos, toiletries and other items are well packaged in biodegradable containers. there should be provision for reusable glasses in place of plastic is important to ask your guests if they like the eco-friendly items in the rooms by asking them to do a review in your website.

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